Socially Distanced Dating

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Ruby (29) and James (25), share their experience of meeting and dating during the pandemic.

Ruby joined Happily in May 2020 during lockdown and her first experience of meeting members was through our online social sessions which she enjoyed:

“Happily has really helped with my mental health. Lockdown made me feel a bit lost but just meeting new people has saved me and I feel happy again. I really love everyone on Zoom they are so wonderful. It’s a lot of fun!”

Ruby, Happily Member

Neither Ruby or James had been in a relationship before and were both feeling nervous. Ruby remembers: “I didn’t know how to be in a relationship before but now I am! I am just so happy I have found James.”

The couple first saw each other on an online social group and naturally worked up to meeting in person in August last year. They have been meeting regularly for walks along the river (following government guidelines) and facetiming twice a week. James is surprised by just how easy he has found the experience:

“Time goes really quickly when we are together!”

James, Happily Member

Both families get on well and so do their dogs! They are all planning to have a picnic together when the weather gets better.

Jame’s mum has also noticed the positive impact the project has had on her son:

“His social life has actually blossomed in lockdown. I think his confidence and use of language has also improved with all these new opportunities to talk to people”

Dian, Jame’s Mum

Jame’s busy social life has given him more independence which has taken a bit of the weight off his mum’s shoulders:

“Happily has been a wonderful help and has taken the organisation of his social life completely out of my hands which has been a relief during this time!” 

Dian, Jame’s Mum
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