Love in Lockdown

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Alex (32) and Lucy (31) met in August 2019 and have been in a relationship for some time now. They share their experience of being together throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

Before lockdown, the couple enjoyed going on dates to the cinema and museums and had already met each other’s parents.

At the beginning of lockdown Alex and Lucy just didn’t know what to do or how to stay connected whilst being separated. Happily, made sure they were both set up on Zoom and supported them to have a birthday celebration online, which got the ball rolling for them. Despite keeping in contact, Lucy has found the experience really difficult:

“We have regular phone calls and talk on WhatsApp but we are really missing each other”

Lucy, Happily member

Happily has been Lucy’s only connection with friends and she has taken part in almost all of our online social sessions. A group of girlfriends who she met through Happily have also set up a weekly video call to keep in touch. 

Alex has also joined our online social groups and has recently taken part in an arts and crafts workshop and won a game of bingo! However, he still misses seeing people in person:

“I have seen very few people outside of my bubble during this time and I do miss being a sociable person…I really do miss Lucy so much during this lockdown. We have a good relationship going on and it has been very tough not being with her. We have been chatting lots, but it’s not the same”

Alex, Happily member

Alex feels excited and nervous about seeing Lucy again after they have both been vaccinated. They last saw each other before Christmas and are looking forward to catching up! 

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