Happy Hammersmith! Funding secured from Hammersmith United Charities

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We are delighted to announce happily has received funding from Hammersmith United Charities to support adults with learning disabilities from the local community to meet new people and build relationships!

We will support 10 residents facing social exclusion to join happily on a yearly membership to benefit from our uniquely personalised introductions project.

We are actively looking for local residents from Hammersmith to take part so please get in contact if you are interested or supporting someone who might benefit. simply sign up by registering your details here: https://tinyurl.com/ychy8d67  

Our project will undertake to:

  • Provide a missing service
  • Tackle social isolation in the borough
  • Teach members useful social skills
  • Build public awareness

How happily is working towards the council’s key targets

  • Addressing and reducing social exclusion- Our main aim is to reduce isolation and loneliness for adults with learning disabilities/autism by creating a safe environment to build their own relationships and providing appropriate support. Adults with learning disabilities face high levels of social exclusion and often find it difficult to meet new people safely.
  • Empowering and enabling local communities- we are building a community and network of members/families/organisations who want to see real change in supporting adults with learning disabilities to have relationships. Through working together we can support this change and see that the positive effects are palpable.
  • We are encouraging our members to build up confidence in themselves and take control of their own social lives. Members learn about how to organise a meeting, key social skills and about different types of relationships.
  • Improving local health and adult social care provision- members are often referred to our service via social care providers, including: the local borough learning disability teams, housing associations, charities and Clinical Psychologists. Earlier this year, the Care Quality Commission (CQC) published new guidance about supporting adults using social care around relationships and sexuality. CQC had listened to a number of providers including Supported Loving about the need for these new guidelines so that care providers could improve their care provisions and help the people they support lead fulfilling lives. Through using Happily’s services, support staff are helping to fulfill some of the outcomes and objectives set out in these new CQC guidelines. We are also aware that many of our members have, low mood, depression and mental health needs which are partly caused by their loneliness/isolation. In some cases we are working collaboratively with Clinical Psychologists to resolve these issues. 

Watch this space for further updates about how the project is going!

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