Happily appears in Posability Magazine

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We’re pleased to announce Happily’s feature in Posability Magazine, a disability lifestyle magazine.

Posability Magazine’s main focus is on the opportunities available to disabled people, whether that be in sports, careers, education, relationships, holidays or activities and experiences that are accessible to all. The magazine aims to include in every issue articles produced that highlight a distinct variety of unique features, ranging from diversity in the modelling industry and disability in the media to personal accounts of courage and guides to getting involved in different sports.

Showcasing happily in Posability Magazine, founder Helena Reed explained the need to highlight dating and relationships for those with disabilities:

There wasn’t a service dedicated specifically for adults with learning disabilities in London, which had appropriate safeguarding measures in place and was also accessible to members.

We spoke to families, charities as well as other dating agencies based outside of London who all agreed there was a need for something like happily.

The full article can be viewed online here.

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